Our Story

Nostalgic Groove was created out of love.

We are lovers of music. Music for us is the sound that emotion makes. It's more than just music for us, it's stories. There's something unique about the way a song can make you feel. Music has a way of touching our soul in a way only it can.

We are lovers of vinyl. For us when we hold a vinyl record in our hands a piece of history. There is power in the past. Some albums forever changed the world of music and what better way to play them. Vinyl records allow us to get close with the artist and truly hear their sound undisrupted.

We are lovers of people. We started Nostalgic Groove to share what we love most with you. We want to share the exhilarating feeling of finding a vinyl you have been looking for. We want to share a world of music you may not know yet.

Thank you for joining us on this journey whether you purchase anything or not.

We hope that through music you can connect with the past and with others. Music is special and can truly connect the world. Every culture may have their own voice but altogether we make the most beautiful song. 

Stay Groovin'

The Nostalgic Groove Team